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Money Recovery

Depending on your case (Misrepresentations) and the amount of maintenance fees you’ve paid, you could be entitled to a refund. During the dispute process or once the resort has agreed to cancel of your timeshare contract, we will fight to recover the money as much money as possible! Not all cases are created equal, but our attorneys will fight for you!

Credit Protction

We will report to all Credit Bureaus that we have taken legal action against your timeshare. If you decide to stop making payments on your timeshare, the timeshare company cannot negatively report to credit bureaus. Our attorneys will help protect your credit throughout the cancellation process.

Written Guaranteed

We don’t just say we “Guarantee” our service, it’s in our Service Agreement! We will get you out of your timeshare in the contractual time frame or 100% of your Money back! No questions asked.

Client Portal

Our clients gain access to a private Client Portal providing instant updates to their termination status until their timeshare contract has been cancelled. Consequently, receiving their FREE and Clear letter.

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